Give the gift of education this Christmas

In a year where children's education across the world has suffered, there is no better gift to give your child than the gift of education. This Christmas, PrimaryLeap is offering 60% off for the first 12 months of your subscription.


Free Daily Bundles

Experience Primary Leap worksheets and activities with our free daily bundles. Get your child started with our absolutely free of charge quality bundles.

Advanced learning with no boundaries

Empowering parents and educators through thousands of quality learning contents created by teachers so every child’s needs and potential can soar with no boundaries.

Unlock The Heroics through your studies

Kids can unlock ATOMS by completing activities, You can use these ATOMS to exchange for heroes and villains formed from the elements of the periodic table.

Subject Workflows for a structured way of learning

Use our Workflows planning tool to customise the learning journey. All subjects have a structured workflow for children to connect and work through. Workflows allow you to fully customise what your children learn and in which order. These workflows can be left to auto-assign so that the child is not overwhelmed by a long list of tasks.

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